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1. Patent/App No: 241740 - Title: A ZERO VOLTAGE SWITCHING CIRCUIT
Category: Electrical
Description: The present invention provides a zero voltage switching circuit comprising a transformer with primary and secondary windings, a primary MOSFET switch, a forward diode across the secondary winding of transformer, an auxiliary switch and an output indu
Uploaded By: RayuduManamPublished Date: 26/05/2011
2. Patent/App No: 2283/CHE/2007 - Title: MAIN STAN LOCK FOR TWO WHEELERS
Category: Mechanical & Manufacturing
Description: The invention is useful for locking the main stand of two-wheelers effectivelz bz electromechanically. The device is having a piston (Fig 5), which is operated by solenoid valve. The holders (Fig 4), which will hold the piston to lock the main stand.
Uploaded By: BrainLeaguePublished Date: 27/05/2011
Category: Telecommunications
Description: The present invention provides a broadcast receiver device and method according to which the device can both select a service according to the preferences of a user (based on genre, style, etc.) and at the same time continue searching for more releva
Uploaded By: BrainLeaguePublished Date: 27/05/2011
Category: Telecommunications
Description: An end-to-end architecture for deploying unified communication services over a network is disclosed. The architecture for providing the services dynamically comprises of a central server, edge server, service provider and service consumer. The servic
Uploaded By: BrainLeaguePublished Date: 05/06/2011
5. Patent/App No: 7084/CHENP/2008 - Title: I-COMPANION
Category: Electronics
Description: A system and method is provided to facilitate the owners of the restaurants in managing their restaurant business and facilitate customers of the restaurants in at least placing orders. The system comprises a local server, plurality 5 of hand held devices and an internet based application. The local server is associated with a restaurant .The restaurant has a plurality of hand held devices, the hand held devices facilitating a customer of the restaurant to place orders in the restaurant by communicating with the local server. The internet based application is deployed on a server; the internet based application sends 10 data to the local server and receives data from the local server.
Uploaded By: NisarAhmedPublished Date: 09/06/2011
6. Patent/App No: 14/MUM/2001 - Title: ELECTRODIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT
Category: Health care
Description: A clinical electrodiagnostic digital instrument for electromyography (EMG) and/or nerve conduction measurement comprising at least one signal pickup channel and optionally atleast one stimulator channel connected to an audio input jack which is connectable to multimedia card of a personal computer (PC), the signal pick up channel comprising a pair of pickup electrodes adapted to be removably fixed at a location of a human body under testing and connected to a biopotential amplifier, a frequency filter and an isolator and the stimulator channel comprising a pair of stimulation electrodes adapted to be removably fixed on the human body close to the location under testing and connected to an electronic stimulator, the isolator and electronic stimulator being connected to the input jack.
Uploaded By: IITBLicensingPublished Date: 05/08/2011
7. Patent/App No: 1267/MUM/2004 - Title: Process for Activation of Epoxy Surfaces
Category: Health care
Description: Biosensors and bioreactors require immobilization of biological molecules within the device.With advancements of microfabrication technology,such biosensors have been miniaturised using standard microfabrication techniques and substrates such as silicon,its derivatives(e.g.silicon dioxide,silicion nitride,etc.),and noble metals like gold.Off late the polymer called SU-8(Glycidyl ether of bisphenol A)has attracted attention due to the fact that low Young's modulus and/or high aspect ratio structures can be created using SU-8.However there was lack of processes to immobilize biomolecules on SU-8.The method developed and described in this document pertains to a novel and inexpensive method modifying the SU-8 surface in order to make it amenable to immobilization of biomolecules.Further this invention provides SU-8 substrates with biomolecules(e.g.antibody,antigen,DNA,RNA and Enzymes etc.)immobilized on the surface.
Uploaded By: IITBLicensingPublished Date: 05/08/2011
Category: Health care
Description: This invention relates to an exogenous protein-free surfactant composition for use in treating adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) a process for preparing the surfactant composition. The composition contains alteast one phospholipid sufactant and a natural oil selected from eucalyptus oil and its derivatives. This composition prevents the interaction between surfactants and hematological agents and will thus be effective in ARDS. It is also cost effective and does not have tha side-effects normally seen when protein containing surfactants are used.
Uploaded By: IITBLicensingPublished Date: 05/08/2011
9. Patent/App No: 1410/MUM/2005 - Title: NOVEL (alpha)-HYDRAZINO- (alpha beta) -UNSATURATED
Category: Health care
Description: Novel (alpha)- hydrazino- (alpha,beta)-unsaturated nitro compounds were synthesized from (alpha beta) - unsaturated nitro compounds and azo compounds and azo compounds in a one pot, atom economical operation in quantitave yield. The reaction catalyzed by an amine such as imidazole or 4-N,N-dimethlamino pyridine (DMAP) takes place at room temperatute in a variety of solvent and involves a novel C-N bond formation via coupling of the a-position of the (alpha beta) -unsaturated nitro compound with the azo compound. This method provides a novel route to natural/unnatural amino acids and other synthetically and biologically useful building blocks.
Uploaded By: IITBLicensingPublished Date: 05/08/2011
Category: Health care
Description: A mechanical device (1) for harvesting energy from a joint movement. The device comprises a double pivoted linkage (2) fixed to a strap (4a) adapted to be fitted on one limb of the joint. A first driven gear (8) is disposed in a housing (11) adapted to be mounted on the other limb of the joint and rotatably mounted on a first shaft (9). The first shaft is rigidly supported in the said housing. A second driven gear (14) is in mesh with the first driven gear. The second driven gear is mounted on a second shaft (15) over a one way clutch (16). The second shaft is rotatably held in the said housing. A first driver gear (18) is mounted on the said second shaft spaced apart from the said second driven gear. A charger gear (19) is in mesh with the first driver gear and mounted on a third shaft (20) which is rotatably held in the said housing over one way clutches (21). A spiral spring (22) is disposed over the said third shaft spaced apart from the charger gear with the inner end of the spiral spring fixed to the third shaft. A third driven gear (24) is disposed over the spiral spring with the outer end of the spiral spring fixed to the inner surface of the third driven gear. A second driver gear (25) is in mesh with third driven gear and connected to a load (26). (Fig 2). 2 JUN 2008
Uploaded By: IITBLicensingPublished Date: 05/08/2011
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