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Patent Strength Evaluation

We help interested clients evaluate the strength of a patent taht is subject of a license or sale by assessing the strength of its claims after performing a serach of all relevant patents achieving the same purpose. The strength evaluation report will have two components:

Evaluation of claim strength and recommendations; and
Strength evaluation of the patent based relevant patents.

Patent/Technology Landscaping

Invenomics offers patent/technology landscaping reports for clients interested in assessing the strength of their patent/invention in the light of other patents/applications. Such a landscaping id provided when a client has a portfolio of patents in different areas of the same field and wishes to know the strength of his portfolio. The landscape will also help in identifying white spaces and weaknesses in the existing technologies.

IP Valuation

Invenomics offers IP valuation services to help clients assess the financial value of their IP. Value is provided in the form of a range based on various techniques and will help clients as the basis for licensing/sale negotiations. 

Patent Strengthening

Invenomics helps clients strengthen patents if the patent/application has not been well drafted. Claims in the patent will be modified to lend broadest possible scope to enhance licensing/sale possibilities. The strengthening will also be done based on prior patents based on client's requirements.

Patent collaboration and pool formation

 Invenomics offers services to help patent/IP holders to collaborate and license related patents as a pool or a portfolio. We also help in administration of a patent pool for successful licensing and management of apportionments. 

License/Sale negotiation

Invenomics offers services to help clients negotiate license/sale deals. We can work with licensors/sellors or licensees/buyers to negotiate deals. The negotiations will be done by our team of IP and business experts.  

License and IP Agreement drafting

Invenomics' team of experts will help in drafting of licensing and other agreements. Our team of IP experts and lawyers will work the client to crystallize the deals in the form of legally valid agreements.

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